#ThrowbackThursday – OJ Simpson and the White Bronco

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Everyone in Los Angeles is freaking out right now as a massive manhunt is underway for a former LAPD officer. Christopher Dorner was let go from his job and he’s trying to get revenge by killing people. It started when he killed two people in Irvine – one of whom was an assistant coach for Cal State Fullerton’s women’s basketball team – and then tried to escape to Mexico via a stolen boat. He has since killed another police officer and wounded one more.

The city has a bizarre feel to it with officers working security detail at people’s houses based on Dorner’s manifesto, and two separate cars have already been shot at by police officers thinking it was Dorner. Meanwhile, nearly every gray Nissan Titan truck is getting pulled over as L.A. freeway signs are alerting people to call 911 about the vehicle.

The madness, especially with the amount of police force involved, makes it easy to think of one thing: OJ Simpson.

While radio and television reporters are grasping for ways to describe it and remember something similar to it – one even mentioned the Patty Hearst kidnapping – no one has brought up OJ. Seems odd considering he captured the attention of the city and beyond with his pursuit. Similar to Dorner.

Take the time to watch this video on #ThrowbackThursday and remember how odd it all seemed: