#ThrowbackThursday – “I’m Going to Disney World!”

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I highly doubt that Disney’s advertising budget has shrunk since I was younger, but the ubiquitous “I’m going to Disney World!” commercials that lasted for a month after a Super Bowl don’t seem to have the same shelf life these days.
Is it because it’s become too cliché or maybe the commercials ran their course? Perhaps I just don’t watch the Disney Network, where the 30-second spot is probably played during every break until a parent of a kid watching iCarly is sick of hearing it, then finally gives up and tells the kid to stop whining about it and pack his shit, because we’re going.

It just seemed that the original “I’m going to Disney World!” commercial featuring Phil Simms was a revolutionary advertising medium and now it’s such a part of post-Super Bowl culture that we’ve grown immune to it.


Apparently, though, they still make the commercials, even if they’ve somewhat disappeared from the sporting landscape much the way the Wheaties box has. Sure, it’s still around, but getting the cover of a cereal box isn’t what it once was. Maybe the original voiceover guy passed away and the feel of the commercial isn’t there anymore. At least that’s how the Aaron Rodgers one feels.



Surrounded by cameras and media and feeling the ecstasy of winning sport’s ultimate prize, though, you only get one shot at yelling those famous five words. Eli Manning said “Livin’ the dream. I’m going to Disney World.” OK, mouth breather, it’s not that hard to figure out. No need to add things.

But it’s not unprecedented to yell the wrong thing. Joe Montana did it. So, everyone instead headed to Anaheim rather than Orlando.




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