Prank You Very Much

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Who doesn’t love a good prank? And by that we mean an actual good prank, none of this Ashton Kutcher choreographed stuff.

What we here at Throwback Attack don’t understand, though, is why there aren’t any better professional athlete pranks. These are groups of childish adults in large settings with nothing but time in between to yuk it up and think of ways to outdo each other. That’s precisely what training camp and spring training and exhibition seasons are for!

The Kyle Kendrick prank from a few years ago was classic, especially how everyone from the GM, Charlie Manuel and the media were all in on it. Yet something like that is few and far between, which is a shame.

In doing a quick search to make sure we didn’t miss any other big ones, it was hard to find anything that caused more than a ripple on the prank timeline.

Which leads us to Webster Slaughter. We loved Webster Slaughter. It starts with the name – it’s a goon’s name from a crime novel. He was a badass receiver on some pretty good Browns teams, only adding to his mystique. He had a great high-five celebration. We even put him on our fake 1987 fantasy football team.

What we like about him even more is that he pulled off a great prank and if he were starring in this day of social media and 37 sports outlets in each city, there’d probably be loads more like this. What’s great about this one is that it’s simple and to the point. Thank you, Webster Slaughter.



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  1. Hi, I log on to your blogs regularly. Your writing style is witty, keep it up!


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