Random Pro of the Week: Mike Alstott

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Has there been a fullback over the last 20 years who had as much respect come his way than Mike Alstott?

Sure, maybe inside the game there were guys like Lorenzo Neal who was touted as a stud, leading the way for guys like LaDainian Tomlinson.

But, I’m talking about a fullback who was well-recognized by the not-so-hardcore fans? You’d be hard-pressed to find one.

Alstott was such a stud to the casual fan because his Madden ratings were off the charts for a fullback. And, really, that’s all that matters.

Who can forget Robert Brooks in a commercial yelling at the EA programmers “That don’t show my breakaway speed!” Again, that was Robert Brooks who wasn’t even that good. He just had Brett Favre throwing to him.

Alstott was rated so high in Madden 2000 on Nintendo 64 that he was nearly untackleable. Just run dive plays over and over and you’d methodically move the ball down the field. You’d sit there wondering why the real Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t do this.

He was a 100. A MF-100! Are you joking me? That meant that he was the best player in the game. Think about that. A 100. Peyton Manning has never been 100. If Tecmo Bowl had ratings, Bo Jackson probably would have only been a 99.

Alstott at 100 left you no choice but to respect his rating. Sure, it’s incredibly boring to run dive plays over and over again in a video game, but it would frustrate your opponent so much and kill so much time, that you’d almost always win – pissing off your friends in the process.

This version was one of the first to have the ability for gamers to draft their own fantasy team, you choosing one of the 30 teams and then the computer would run a draft and all of a sudden you’d have the opportunity for a dream team – drafting real players onto a team and then playing a season against the other teams that might have had Jerry Rice on the Jets and John Elway on the Falcons.

Every time I tried to pull off one of these drafts I would randomly get put in the middle of the draft order and inevitably the “best available” would be Mike Alstott, just based on overall ratings.  You’d look at the list of players and sure, Jim Kelly at around 93, would be a good pick, but in your mind you’d think “That’s a seven point swing. Can I really afford to let Mike Alstott drop?” And you’d select a fullback with your first pick.

The worst part about it is that you could totally defend your decision and your selection to anyone. And they’d agree with you! How can you let a 100 pass you by?

You can’t. And that’s why I always played as the Bucs because of Mike Alstott – making Madden 2000 one of the most boring video games ever simply because you never bombed it out or ran around with a stud running back making defenders look silly.

It was 1940s football in video game form.



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  1. With the bases loaded you struck us out with that anwser!